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ADLO security door chain

09. 11. 2010

ADLO security door chain has substantially better security and design than regular door chains, its resistance was tested for pull of 300kg

Digital Doorviewer - TEDUO Digital

01. 11. 2010 You may all know a common doorviewer or a peephole. You also know how your eyes must squint in order to see the person behind the door.

Crime Prevention CPTED IRELAND 2010

25. 09. 2010 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Cork, Ireland 13. –14. 9. 2010 ADLO – Security Doors was invited to this unique and large international conference as the only private organisation and European producer of security doors.

Noblesse ADLO - new line of ADLO doors

01. 09. 2010 Your dream of beautiful security. We do everything to make Your life not only more peaceful and secure but also beautiful. Harmony, beauty, nobleness. And the highest possible security, maximal thermal insulation, great quality, durability and...

27. 11. 2009

As a part of learning about preventive policies of selected countries of European Union focused on the area of life improvement through implementation of technical preventive measures, a work meeting of the management...

New door dimensions - height up to 250cm

01. 09. 2009 ADLO offers custom-made doors, according to customer’s wishes, in any atypical size ranging from the minimal 35cm/width and 70cm/height  up to 105cm/width and 250cm/height for one door wing


25. 02. 2009 This year in February, ADLO has taken part in events preventing crime at the Pragoalarm/Pragosec 2009 exhibition which took place at the Prague’s exhibition grounds Holešovice.


Exterior Door Termo

ADLO Security Door Guard


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