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ADLO Security doorZENEX (ELITE category)

ADLO Security doorZENEX
(ELITE category)

Catalogue number 1110-0112
Price without VAT: - Sk Price with VAT: - Sk
  • Security class 4+

Top security for the most demanding.
Door that thanks to it highly developed construction and placement of security points offers state-of-the-art quality in its class.

  • Door type ADLO BD-200Z

Door Security

  • double steel frame with multiple reinforcements
  • original ADLO RESIST MT13 safe lock, anti-drill feature
  • original ADLO secure point for the floor
  • doubled locking of the hinge side
  • bigger diameter of security bolts
  • triple ADLO RESIST MT multilocks

The Price of the Door Includes:

  • security certificate in security class BT-4 compliant with EN 1627
  • fireproof arrangement E30 compliant with EN 16034
  • sound isolation (soundproof index Rw=39 dB)
  • original ADLO RESIST MT13 safe lock, anti-drill feature
  • surface finish in a smooth design (including two-colour combination) and with a finished surface in the half-groove
  • standardized measurement of 80/197 cm
  • certification compliant with the Act No. 90/1998 Coll. on Construction Products


  • 15 years for the safe-locking mechanism

Security Plus:

  • point dimensions on the hinge side: 30mm length and 12mm width (for new ADLO doorframe)
  • hinge side is also reinforced by a deadbolt with 13mm depth (for new ADLO doorframe)

Extra Features for the Same Price - Bonus:

  • bullet-proof certificate FB1 (compliant with standards ENV 1522)

For a Fee You May Obtain:

  • sound isolation (soundproof index Rw=42 dB)
  • heat isolation (coefficient of heat transmission U=1,4)
  • smokeproof finish compliant with ENV 1634-3 from both sides
  • a door in any atypical dimensions from min. 35/70 cm to max. 105/250 cm

The installation in the security ADLO doorframe  is possible. The door may be shortened and adjusted to an uneven floor surface in a limited way.


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