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Question: I need advice
Lately I bought an appartment with a security door already installed. Only I wasn´t able to find out the brand or producer of the door, so I am not sure who to contact in case if any damage or failure of the door occurs. Only thing I was able to find out was a sign on the lock (Roto). How can I find out the door´s producer? Can the lock be taken out and changed in case of its damage? How can the lock be attached, or how does the whole mechanism work? I would like to know because I am planning to exchange the lock for an electromechanical one, but I am not sure what type to get. I am also not able to get the lock´s measures, as I wasn´t able to take it out. Our answer: Dear customer, our company does not use the Roto kind of locks. That means, that Your door surely isn´t the ADLO Security Door. Therefore, regretfully, we are not able to know and explain to You the particular mechanism of Your door´s operation. In this case, we are afraid, only the door´s producer will be able to help You. In case You are not able to find out the producer´s name or brand, there is only one option left for You. That is to change the door for a new one, produced by somebody who can guarantee You also a longtime service for the door.
11. 12. 2006 


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