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Fitting Kaba Gege AK bronze, doorpull

Fitting Kaba Gege AK bronze, doorpull

Catalogue number 0836.00
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A luxury product from traditional Austrian producer Kaba Gege GmbH.



Security fitting Kaba Gege is designed to protect the cylinder and the locking mechanism in ADLO security door on the unprotected side.

The fitting also enables easy and simple manipulation with the door when opening/closing.

The inseparable part of the fitting are handles on the inner (protected) side of the fitting. It manipulates the gusset of the mortise lock.



Security fitting Kaba Gege is composed of outer and inner fitting slats that are screwed together through pre-drilled holes in the door.

After the security fitting has been screwed and installed on ADLO security door, it is not possible to steel or deinstall it from the outside.


Fitting design:

Design: oval from both sides.


Fitting cover from outside (uprotecetd side):

Security fitting Kaba Gege is delivered in design AK, with full cover of the cylinder, which enhances the security of the fitting and of the cylinder.



Fitting Kaba Gege type 2600 was not tested for security in compliance with the standard STN ENV 1627.

It was certified in security class 3 in compliance with the standard STN EN 1906 and is certified by the National Security Office (NBÚ) to a level of secrecy - "Confidential", which confirmes its ability to function as a mechanical tool of protection with the purpose to protect secret affairs up to level "Confidential" (included). 

Security fiiting marked as AK has in place of key insertion into the cylinder a security cover that enhances the fitting's security considerably. This cover protects the cylinder against drilling out, breaking it, and against forceful break-in by use of tools.



The basic type of fitting may be installed on the door with depth of 40-45 mm. The distance between the axis of the handle and axis of cylindrical spring box is 90 mm.

Fitting is available on demand also with longer bolts, for doors with greater depth, for doors with different design, such as Profile, Panel, or Termo door.

Security fitting labeled as AK has a security plate in a place of key insertion into a cylinder and it is necessary to use cylinder with longer key stems.



- It is possible to buy the installation of security fitting for you door separately.

- Do-it-yourself installation is also possible by an average-skilled home crafter.

- The orientation of the fitting is universal, adjustment to right or left door is really easy.



On demand. Special order; you may get more detailed information in the nearest ADLO shop.

Parts for security fitting Kaba Gege (included in the package):

Outer and inner fitting plate.

Fitting grip from outside - Handle, from inside - Handle.

Bolts, screws, lining of inner and outer plate, connecting squareend for the handle, handle spring mechanism, screw for handle anchoring and L-keys necessary for installation.

Installation and service manual.


Good advice:

The final result  ̶  fitting installed on ADLO door  ̶  will make even a very demanding customer satisfied.

This security fitting has a handle on both sides, so when the door accidentally closes, it is possible to open it (from the unprotected side). If you wish security, it is important to lock the door with a key.

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