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Traditional Market in Trnava 2007

We took part in the Traditional Market in Trnava, from September 6th to september 9th, 2007.
Goal of our involvement was to show what kind of doors many of us have at home, and if we can really be safe, that nobody can get through it.  Everybody had the option to  see and test, what an easy obstacle an ordinary locked door is.
Everybody had the unique chance to test the numerous weaknesses of an ordinary door and firmness and resistance of ADLO security doors. Options of overcoming and passing through the door were numerous - using hand and legs only, with no tools, all the way to getting through using a hammer, lever or a screw-driver.
Also true proffesionals were at hand, ready to gladly answer all of the numerous questions  about security options in an appartment, family house, etc.

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