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ADLO Design Skylight

It combines all the advantages of ADLO full and glass skylights.

  • The most prominent quality is the highest possible security against break-in. The construction of this skylight is the same as at ADLO security door: attested glass anchoring with protection against prying it open, attested anchoring of the skylight into the wall, attested security glass that conforms in its resistance, with a "very high protection", up to class 4, backlighting of your entrance either with translucent or transparent glass, excellent thermal insulation qualities by Termo technology, triple insulation of the full filling, termo triple-pane glass with a security glass in the centre, Termo frame with interrupted heat bridge
  • and plus  unbeatable number of designs. You may use the same glass design option as for your ADLO door, or choose your own custom glass design. Available are various colour combinations for the surface with different colours, shapes, and materials for the frames. All may be combined with the colour of the glass, where it can be also different on the outside and inside - glass Colour, glass Sprela. It serves to protect your heated space form the outside environment.
  • Unbreakable security of the skylight frame, its anchoring, all the colour options, top quality antirust features, all these characteristics are the same as at the ADLO security doorframe.


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