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ADLO Glass Full Skylight

  • If you only need to aesthetically complete the door construction hole, or you want to emphasize the importance of your ADLO door, choose a unique option of a full skylight. It will give you an unbreakable security and the highest possible resistance against vandalism, or even against heavy tools of burglars.
  • Full Security Skylight It serves for a protection of space between interior rooms or an unheated space from the outside environment. A triple steel plate (!) covers the whole surface and is connected with ADLO technology - attested anchoring - into the security doorframe, which is resistance against prying it open. All is hidden under an aesthetic surface treatment, identical with your ADLO security door; in plain design, for all interior surfaces. The depth of the filler is 18 mm.
  • Full Door Security Skylight? It serves to protect your heated space from outside environment. It has the same qualities as the full skylight and also excellent insulation, equal with your ADLO security door, since its filler construction is the same. The outside appearance comes not only in plain, but also in slat design, with all surfaces available for Exterior Termo. The depth of the filler is 60 mm.
  • Unbreakable security of the skylight frame, its anchoring, all colour options, top quality antirust features - all these characteristics are the same as at the ADLO security doorframe


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