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How to Choose Your Security Door

Your guide for the correct choice

What security door is the right one for you?

Get inspired with this guide and do not make a mistake in your choice.

5 steps for correctly choosing a security door

What kind of security door do you need – for an apartment or a house?

For an Apartment

Security ADLO door 2 in 1:

security + design according to your wish = original door for everyone

For a House

Security Termo ADLO door 3 in 1:

security + design according to your wish + unique thermal insulation = unique at the market

  • One-wing door
  • Two-wing door
  • Door with a skylight

What is the level of security that you need?

Choose your security class

Choose the category of the door

according to the security class and your financial requirements

Category Elite in class 2, 3, 4 and 5

Unbreakable door with the highest security at the market.
Door Elite guarantees substantially higher resistance as its class requires.

Category Economy in class 1, 2, 3.

These doors are reasonably priced and comply with all EU norms and certificates
of break-in resistance.


Fire and sound resistance

ADLO security door with a standard option have:
Fireproof resistance of 45 minutes, (category Economy 30 min), sound resistance of 39 decibels.

It is possible to raise or lower the fireproof and sound resistance of your door..
We offer a more affordable solution without declared fireproof and sound resistance. With this option, you will get a door with an incombustible steel core.
It is more soundproof than any regular entrance door.


Deadbolt into the Floor
Enhances Security 

Anchoring of the door into the floor makes it
For doors in security classes 3, 4, and 5.

SMART door
with a digital viewer

A built-in camera monitors the area in front
of the security door.
The door enables MMS /SMS communication with your smart phone

Assortment of door handles and keys = choices for security fittings and cylinders

  • Security Fitting

    You may choose from a wide assortment of fittings
    – various types of handles, door pulls, door knobs.
    The place of key insertion can be
    open or covered.
  • Security Cylinder with a Key

    Your door becomes secure only with
    a locked security cylinder.
    You have an option to choose cylinders with
    a special high security in class 4+ with a protected
    ADLO key profile.

    Other options consist of security cylinders with high, basic, and simple security.
  • Accessories for Supplemental Security

    Panoramatic viewer
    Security door guard

An experienced specialist in ADLO shop will recommend your custom cylinder, fitting, and accessories.

DESIGN: How will your door look?

"You may combine various designs in your security ADLO door.
Each door is  custom-made. This customisation distinguishes us from other producers in Slovakia.

You have a choice of various door surfaces from inside / outside :

  • Plain
  • Slat
  • Panel
  • Profile
  • Glass
  • Noblesse

The door surface may be in colour, or in v wooden imitation.

Wooden immitations are available in different types according to the quality expectations: lamino, Lampre foil, pressed foil Geta, natural lacquered veneer, or a massive wooden finish.

DOORFRAME: Does a security door fit into a new or the original doorframe?

  • New security doorframe ADLO

    Every doorframe is an original for your door. Its dimensions can be standard
    also atypical. The doorframe represents the highest security comfort
    but and nice design.
    With Termo door, an inseparable part of the the door is Termo ADLO doorframe.
    It prevents humidity condensation on the inner door side.
  • Original doorframe

    The original doorframe gets reinforced, in order to prevent its breaking, getting out of shape, or other damage.
    Our technician will assess the option of installation into an original doorframe. He will also take exact measurements.

     I would like to reserve a cost-free visit from a specialist who will provide a professional advice

I am interested in a security door

We will be happy to help you with your choice.

We will contact you as soon as possible, on workdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.



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