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Intelligent Security Door

SMART – Security Door That Can Foresee

Unsurpassable Protection
• Active protection for 24 hours, day and night
• Ability to inform about suspicious activities near ADLO door prior to break-in
• Possibility of remote live communication with the person in front of the door
• The door records any activity and films the burglar

Unsurpassable Help
• Two-way communication with your visitor even when absent from home
• Option of leaving a video message
• Uncomplicated visitor review upon return home

Unsurpassable Simplicity
• SMART technology may be combined with all models and designs of security door ADLO
• No external electrical connections needed
• 3,5“ colour touch screen
• 2,0 megapixel antivandal camera
• SMS/MMS communication with your smartphone

LIVE Video with Smart Security Door Has:
• WIFI connection
• Big 7" LCD screen Your smartphone enables:
• LIVE video and audio communication
• Video record is saved directly in the phone
• Intuitive control application
• Every family member can have connection  



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