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The prior task of security doors is to make an apartment, a house or other facility safe and to prevent any unwelcome visitors from entering. Every ADLO security door is unique, custom-made for each customer.
A customer may compose his security door without any help, or he may be advised by an ADLO expert.


The following essentials have to be considered in the process of combining, selecting and pricing the security door:



1. Security:
  • security class of the door
  • number of security points
  • security fittings
  • security cylinder
  • type of the key
  • doorframe
2. Appearance:
  • door surface quality /MDF, foil, Sprela, sprayed, veneer, door design /plain, slat, profile, panel/, different design from the inside - outside
  • shape of the fitting /handle/
  • doorframe colour, two-coloured doorframe, doorframe facing, threshold surface
3. Dimensions:
  • height and width of the door /or of a doorframe/, depth of the doorframe /according to the depth of wall/, one wing, double-wing
4. Where the door will be installed:
  • installation into your original, or into a new doorframe in the interior /e.g. an entrance door from the hallway/
  • into the exterior with unheated inner space /e.g. a garage door/
  • into the exterior with heated inner space /e.g. an entrance door into a family house/
5. Lighting:
  • in the door
  • outside of the door – side, upper skylight, glass security
  • glass thermal insulation /simple glass, double-paned and triple-paned glass/
  • decorative glass
6. Fireproof:
  • limited fireproof surface, absolute fireproof surface
7. Noise-proof
8. Smoke-proof
9. Equipment - viewer, insulation
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