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You may match the design of your ADLO security door to a new ADLO doorframe and security ADLO threshold.
ADLO security door can be also installed into an original doorframe.

New ADLO doorframes – choose from our sortiment:

Wooden Decor ADLO doorframes are indistinguishable from a massive wooden doorframe.
The colour of a doorframe can be matched to the door’s colour. This doorframe has a high abrasion resistance – its hardness and endurance can be compared to the sprayed lacquer finish on cars.

Colourful doorframes in various colour tones.
Two-coloured ADLO doorframes - they are applied with the two-colour combination of the door. The doorframe can have a different colour on the outside of the door as on the inside.

Facing of the ADLO doorframe - it is used for the outside of the door, in various colourful tones and surfaces.

For security door in category ECONOMY we install security ADLO doorframe.
For security door in category ELITE we install security ADLO doorframe specially reinforced at its locking places.

TERMO ADLO doorframe is installed for an exterior security door TERMO .
The doorframe interrupts the heat bridge and prevents condensation from the inside thanks to its unique construction.
Each new ADLO doorframe is unique and custom-made for the specific construction opening and customer. Its dimensions can be standardised or atypical.

Reinforcement of the original doorframe 
This special outside reinforcement makes the original doorframe stronger. It prevents tearing or pulling the doorframe apart or other damage.

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