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 has inner reinforcements in all places of locking, in the area of the main lock to 7,5mm 
 integrated inner reinforcements prevent pulling apart, breaking, and prying the doorframe open 
 depth of the doorframe profiles is for SH doorframe 9, 10, 12, 17, 20 cm, for UH it is 9, 10, 12, 17, 20 cm, for YH 12, 17, 20 cm 

ADLO security doorframe – its special characteristics:

1. Anticorrosive capability – due to electrolytic zinc treatment on both sides 
2. Firmness is guaranteed by steel profile 
3. Perfect increase of the surface treatment durability is provided by phosphating 
4. High quality, exclusive protection and appearance is guaranteed by powder -lacquered and baked treatment of the surface 

ADLO security doorframe – colours and surfaces:

Colourful doorframes - offered without an additional fee in the following colours: brown, rust, grey, anthracite, and white; 
other RAL colours on demand 

Two-coloured ADLO doorframes - are used with two-coloured door. The doorframe can have a different colour on the outside of the door as on the inside. 

Wooden Decor ADLO doorframes are indistinguishable from a massive wooden doorframe. The colour of a doorframe can be matched to the door’s colour. 

Facing of ADLO dorframe - is used for the ouside of the door, can be in multiple colour tones and surfaces. 

 security ADLO doorframe is anchored into a wall along the whole circumference of the doorframe 
that guarantees its firmness, stability, and impossibility of its prying out or destroying it

Original ADLO deadbolt into the floor 
 is a unique reinforcement of locking 
 guarantees high protection for all types of floors 
 is the strongest security point 
 guarantees unbreakability during efforts to break the door

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