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Exterior Door Termo

  • assorted choices from glass security doors group with attested - of security armor glass
  • new revolutionary construction of thermal insulation for exterior conditions
  • extreme thermal insulation capability of Termo door, U=0,9 W/M2K, lowers the heat escape to a minimum
  • absolutely new insulating Termo triple-pane glass
  • Termo triple-pane glass, with high thermal insulation of U=0,6 W/M2K , is the best choice for exterior space, suitable for use in low-energy cost buildings
  • new revolutionary glass anchoring with interrupted heat bridge and high security
  • it interrupts the heat bridge and prevents condensation on inside
  • used are only materials resistant to dampness, rain, and frost
  • electrolytic galvanizing of the steel construction guarantees antirust resistance
  • suitable also for low-energy cost houses
  • functions the best when installed in a Termo doorframe
  • wide assortment of glass shapes
  • new cover frames: flat, oval, in RAL colour, Getaform, stainless steel
  • wide assortment of colourful surfaces: MDF, Geta, Colour, Veneer
  • as a standard, the half-groove has the same finish as the surface finish of the door, which you may appreciate viewed from the interior or with the door open
  • an option of different colour combination inside/outside
  • an option of different glass configuration inside/outside
  • usage for the interior and exterior
  • choice of colourful sufraces Geta, Veneer, Colour for the exterior
  • a large choice of different glass types: clear, colourful, mirror, matt to non-transparent, with different patterns
  • certified glass in security classes 2, 3, 4 (line ELITE)
  • installation only with the special ADLO doorframe

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