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  • double steel board protects the door from both sides, possible arrangements: multiple strengthened, sound-insulated, fire-resistant, thermal, may be installed to the new, as well as to the original doorframe
  • welded to a double steel frame
  • protects both sides of the door from bending, breaking or cutting
  • double or simple steel frame protects the door around its entire perimeter
  • protects from levering and pressure
  • prevents from bending or breaking of all the security bolts, also at a very high leverage
  • strengthenings and frames vary according to the security door type
chranena konstrukcia
chranena konstrukcia
  • main safe mechanism is composed of the door core, we use: original ADLO RESIST MT13 safe lock (with an enlarged peg diameter 13 mm) and Original ADLO RESIST MT10 safe lock (with the peg diameter 10 mm)
  • it is protected by the steel boards and many security frames
  • it is extremely secure, robust enough and absolutely reliable
  • it is locked with cogwheel, which absolutely prevents any security bolt compression
  • enables lifetime service
  • full warranty up to 9 years
  • possibility to use ADLO multi-bolted locks, one- and three-peg (simple or triple)
  • on the lock-side, possibility to use security bolts at up to 4 places
  • security bolts on the lock-side increase the security even more
  • they increase the possibilities of locking
chranena konstrukcia
chranena konstrukcia
  • security bolts on the lock-side simple or double (one or two pegs)
  • On the hinge-side, there are fixed bolts with the 12mm diameter and 30mm length, 10mm diameter and 30mm length, 10mm diameter and 22mm length
  • they protect the entire back side of the door
  • they are located above and under every hinge
  • they protect the door perfectly from levering, pressing, or taking off the hinges
chranena konstrukcia
chranena konstrukcia
    Comfort hinges
  • location of the hinges is asymetrical – two are located on the upper part of the door, one in the middle section and one on the bottom part
  • instead of one upper hinge, which is burdened the most when operating the door, this arrangement uses two hinges
  • this solution therefore guarantees a substantial increase in reliability of the door´s everyday use
  • this adjustment is possible only with assembly of the new ADLO doorframe
  • the above mentioned door adjustment ensures multiple increase of not only the hinge-side security, but also substantially lowers the risk of „lowering“ the door as a result of their everyday opening and closing
  • door with this arrangement represents the highest standard of security and comfort of use in our assortment
  • this adjustment is necessary for clients with the highest demands on security and protection
  • security hinges are welded firmly to the door´s double steel frame
  • they guarantee long-time accurate fitting in the doorframe
  • they protect the door from bending
chranena konstrukcia
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