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Locking Mechanism of the Window

  • locks the window automatically by turning the handle
  • unlocks automatically
  • to forget to lock the window is simply not possible
  • you are not required to replace your original window
  • you may use your original handle /an option to further enhance security by installing a locking handle/
  • suited for vinyl, wooden, aluminium windows and windows with in-built metal fittings
  • an option of vertical /regular windows, balcony and porch doors/ and horizontal positioning /vent windows and panes/
  • installation by a producer
  • certified and proofed resistance against break-in according to ENV 1627 up to the 3rd security class, meaning guaranteed “High Protection“
  • robust locking bolts from high quality steel extend to the length of 19 mm!
  • unique and certified latch anchoring in the window frame
  • resistant to load up to 600kg and to crowbar in length up to 750 mm
  • quick custom production according to the measurements of your window and jamb /from 40 cm up to 250 cm height or width of the sash/
  • production and installation quality guaranteed by ISO 9001

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