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Skylight lets:

  •  the light enter into a space behind the door and makes it brighter
  • it completes the door unit in aesthetic way
  • it closes up the construction hole

A unique modular concept enables you to create unlimited number of combinations and shapes with or without the door; just choose the outer dimensions and segmentation.

Choose your level of security protection:

  •  certified and attested resistance against break-in in security class 2, 3 compliant with ENV 1627, up to “very high protection“.
  • Certified Attested Glass
  • Certified anchoring of the glass into the frame
  • Certified and attested anchoring of the frame into a wall

Choose thermo-insulating qualities for your skylight: one or double-pane insulating glass for the interior, the same plus Termo triple-pane glass with U = 0,6 available for the exterior as well as a clever double termo insulating frame that prevents air condensation on the inner side.

Choose transparency:

  • Fully transparent – visibility from both sides (glass and clear glass with grid)
  • Matt – only light can go through (glass and decorated glass with grid)
  • Non-transparent – (frosted and full door with all door design options)

Choose colourfulness. We offer a big selection of decorative glass; colours from the whole RAL scale or wooden decor available for the frame. For full skylights we offer colours from the whole RAL scale, all types of surfaces, wooden profiles and all door designs; option of different colouring from inside/outside.

Highly resistant towards weather influences; electrolytic zinc covering, phosphate and powder stoved shiny colouring of the doorframe by high temperature. Skylights have much longer lifetime and durability than the vinyl or wooden kind.

Top quality production. Guaranteed production quality and installation system ISO 9001 : 2008. 

You may combine all variable options so there is a countless number of variations and types of skylights matching your choice.

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