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Secure Cellars

Secure cellar - original security for cellar spaces belonging to apartments!
Millions of apartments have been built and almost each one comes with an underground space, a cellar. While we think about the security of our apartment and automatically protect it, e.g. with security doors, we often forget about our cellar rooms. And they are "our" space as well, equal to the one we have in our apartments.
This forgetfulness have been increasingly misused by burglars. The number of robbed apartment cellars is great and has been rising in the recent months.
We use our cellars to store various things, for example: skis, sleds, bicycles, car tires, or canned goods, items of perhaps lower value but mostly the objects that become burglars prizes.
Majority of cellars are protected only by wooden walls and locked by padlocks.
Burglars get, in most cases, sufficient undisturbed time to finish their job.

To prevent your space from burglary, we offer a secure cellar.
We have developed a special solution for the Slovak market - a system of light steel cellar wall with simple door. The original wooden wall that sets apart one cellar space belonging to one apartment is replaced by a new one, which is firmly anchored into the floor, the ceiling, and side walls of the house. One turn of a key will securely lock the door into the floor and the ceiling. The secure cellar is an affordable solution offering firm and resistant protection against all methods of forceful attacks of the cellar burglars.
Cellars often have construction dimensions of any size, or in atypical shape and these are available.

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