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Use of cookies

How Adlo Company Uses Cookies

What Are Cookies
Cookies are small text files that are sent to your Internet browser by web sites that you visit. They are stored either temporarily in your operational memory of your device that you use for browsing web sites (session cookies) or permanently on you hardware (permanent cookies).
Web sites are enabled to remember information about your visit through cookies -  e.g. your prefered language, font size and other setting or preferences. Your next visit can be then more effective: easier, faster, and without unnecessary delays.

How Do We Use Cookies

We use these kinds of cookies at our web sites:
session cookies, analytical cookies, cookies for web performance optimisation, and marketing cookies.

Session cookies  are essential in helping to secure the basic funcionality of our web sites.

Analytical cookies are used for the purposes of improving our web sites. They hep us to understand how visitors use the sites. We employ the system Google Analytics with connection to Search Console. These tools enable us to follow activities of our web sites visitors and their basic demographic data without storing their personal data. Data that we collect are anonymous and cannot be connected to any actual physical person.

Cookies for performance optimisation make processing of your requests on our web faster and enable to remember your preferences at web sites.

Marketing cookies at web sites are used for advertising purposes. Advertising cookies (third-party cookies – Google AdWords) collect information for adjusting the ads on the site, so called remarketing. Data collected through remarketing codes are anonymous and cannot be connected to any actual physical person.

Opting-out of Ads in Google Accout

If you do not agree with statistical data collection for marketing through marketing code Google AdWords, you may opt out of it in the settings of your Google account, in the section Personal info & Privacy – Ads Settings – Manage Ads Settings.

Please note that when you opt out of ads in the settings, you will not stop getting ads, they will only no longer be personalised and adjusted to your web activity.

Deleting Cookies

The main purpose of cookies is to provide your with comfortable browsing on the Internet. Most of  the browsers are standardly set to accept cookies.

You may set your browser to block cookies or to ask in advance for permission to use them. Each browser works diferrently. Please look into the menu Settings/Help in your browser to find out how to control cookies.

Please be aware that when you turn cookies off, some parts of web sites may not be accessible, or some of our services may not function properly.

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