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Updated: 17. 04. 2017
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Patent-protected Key for ADLO Door

High security key and cylinder in the 4th security class is compliant with EN norm and with patent-protected key creates a unique ADLO profile, which ensures protection against unauthorised key production and copying. Security cylinder RB Locxis ADLO comes with unique telescopic pins in the key.

Full ADLO security skylight

Full security skylight does not let any light through its surface.
It completes the door unit aesthetically.
It resist even the heaviest tools, like a hammer, or an axe. It safely resists vandalism attempts by concrete cubes, or by a container!

Glass ADLO skylight with security grate

Security skylight with a grate.
The grate is inside the glass, which protects it from the weather and rust. There is no need to clean the grate since it is hidden within the glass. Iron metal grate located in the triple-pane glass will naturally discourage any potential burglar.
The security skylight with grate will even resist heavy tools, like a hammer, a crow-bar, tongs, and even concrete cube.

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