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Entrance Door

The entrance door into Your house or apartment is an essential element of Your living. Make a responsible choice when buying a door and give Yourself plenty of time to decide. If You do, Your door will give You what you expect, it will serve You well, protect You and make Your life more pleasant in the course of many years. Please consider the following options.


Family House Entrance Door - Exterior Door

1. Vinyl Entrance Door
Its one-time price is tempting and low. It is good to know that this door was developed as an accessory to the existing vinyl windows. Nothing gives it the necessary firmness and robustness since it does not contain a whole surface glass, as it is by windows. That is why they are not convenient for frequently used entrances, such as the main entrance door, where this door can "sink" after some time, does not lock easily and it is not tight enough. Insulation is under the standard level. The locking mechanism is similar to the one on the windows, which means it can be easily and quickly broken. The door wing resistance against break-in is minimal. The glass anchoring is really weak. The lifetime of this door is limited and as an entrance door, it is used less and less in developed countries.

2. Wooden Entrance Door
Traditional massive wood gives a welcome and natural appearance and with sufficient depth, also a good insulation. If you demand a long life from this door, it will need regular and proper maintenance. Humid environment - there may be rotting or mildew, woodworm attack - and also direct sunlight, which causes drying or racking, is not optimal for the door. The most critical place is the wooden doorframe. Screw anchoring of the nuts in a locking place will get loose even with mild effort, regardless of the number of locking bolts. Break-in resistance is thus low.

3. Aluminium Entrance Door
They offer a long lifetime and a stable shape. Due to the fact that aluminium is heat conductive, the door will not have good resistance against cold and will usually have a colder surface on the inside even when the inner and outer sides are separated. This soft metal can be easily bent or broken at the locking place located in the doorframe, which is compromising the door's security. Glass anchoring in the door is not firm enough.

4. A Common Security Door
You should be extremely careful when buying such door since most of them are marked as "exterior" doors but don't fulfill the basic requirements for resistance against the environment. Technical and insulation qualities - like a thermal insulation in the door - are insufficient because water condenses on the door due to heat bridges. Simple insulation does not prevent penetration of cold and air. Steel doorframe causes moistening of the surrounding wall. Weak antirust protection of the door does not protect it from corrosion on the inside. When the door or skylight contains glass, it is easy to pry it open. Materials used on the outside of the door do not have enough resistance against the sun and water, which may shorten its lifetime.

5. ADLO Security Door Termo Exterior
It has a triple thermal door insulation Termo across its whole surface, security doorframe Termo with separated inner and outer parts, Termo triple-pane glass with high quality security glass placed in the center, and a whole-surface certified zinced construction with baked-in surface treatment on the door and the doorframe. Available is the widest choice of security levels, certified glass anchoring, the best design selection. Direct delivery and installation from the producer.


Apartment Entrance Door - Interior Door

1. A Common Entrance Door
One-time low sale price is tempting. The bearing parts inside this door are only wood and air, in different combinations. A thin wooden frame goes around its perimeter, inside are air-bricks or a chipboard. To invest in such door by buying a security cylinder with keys, fittings, or an additional lock, is worthless. It is wise to suspect any label that marks an entrance door as a "security door" or "strengthtened" on the basis of more-point lock, steel sheating, or steel rods inside the door. These elements do not add on security unless they are a solid part of the whole-surface steel door construction. A forceful break-in through such door takes only a short while.

2. A Common Security Door
Market offers many pseudo security entrance doors (under advertisement of "the cheapest, immediate delivery, most sold", etc.). A layman is many times seduced by attractive design, wide door depth, massive locking points at multiple places. Only closer investigation reveals details that betray the security: locking slots without reinforcements in the doorframe, doorframe that is not welded into the wall, thin screws used for lock anchoring, missing producer's marking of a security class according to EU standards or missing product number, and a low door weight. Only after forcefull break-in, more substantial drawbacks will become visible: unwelded sheetmetal, missing reinforcements, hollow (not full!) locking bolts, or comically simple locks. Entrance doors may be cheap, or really safe. Never can it be both.

3. ADLO Security Door

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